The Devolution of Anita Blake

I’ve had to take a break in reading LHK’s newest, Crimson Death/ Why you ask? I’m 49% of the way through the book and we are still bedhopping and whiny about relationship/polyamory issues. While reading Crimson Death, I was and am still reading a book of essays about Black Widow (a fascinating book I will be reviewing shortly) and I found why I’m moving slowly up to but not quite getting on the enough LKH bandwagon. Anita used to be a CFC – she had a full life, it included scenes at work, discussions with other female characters that were not about sex and/or about the men in their lives. Now she has two speeds – kill and screw. I don’t mind a little boom boom in my books. I love the PNR/UF genres because there is always just enough to give a little thrill that way. But honestly, when more than half a book concerning a character that started the UF field with her work to contain the bad paranormals is all boom boom, it is time for her editor to grab LKH and give her a shake. I understand LKH is working through her own Poly life but I really don’t want to be paying for her therapy as literature.


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