What is a book nerd?

A book nerd is a unique creature.  There are many of us, hiding among you.  Words are our addiction, stories our escape, ideas our drug.  I was reading at 2, and had my own library card at 2 1/2 – at the time, I was the youngest person in Michigan history to have on I had one problem, though.  I never wanted to return the books!

At one time, I had an entire room full of books.  Yes, I was a book hoarder!  I admit it.  Now, I have a kindle (my third) full of books and I review books as a semi-pro reviewer.  I will be posting old reviews here shortly and ask that you post your own opinions.  I will also be posting my own essays, short ones, like the first about the said loss of Anita Blake’s status as a Complete Female Character or CFC.  I found this term in the book Marvel’s Black Widow From Spy to Superhero, a collection of essays about the female Avenger.  Right now, let me state for the record, I prefer the term Heroine to Hero when it comes to female leads.  Why?  The same way I believe as a Wiccan, I need to take back the word witch.  Stripping away the female gender from words does not add to the character.

My next essay will be about ‘book boyfriends’ – those heroes you just can’t shake from your mind and heart.  A fellow book nerd will understand this feeling.  I hope to get replies with your own ‘book boyfriends’ or for my readers who are attracted to women or just appreciate heroines – your ‘book girlfriends.’

So, book nerds – you know who you are – unite!  You are loved!  You are needed.  Whether you are a traditionalist who loves the texture, the weight, the smell and all the things that go with a paperbook or you are hooked on your E-reader or tablet, this is a home for you.


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