New Sexy Adventure from Lisa Lace

Claimed by the Alien Warlord: A Science Fiction Alien Mail-Order Bride Romance (TerraMates) (Volume 14) 

by Lisa Lace

An adventure filled romance with hints of Indiana Jones! Christine is a freelance scavenger, roaming from planet to planet, gathering goodies to sell. She stumbles on a sacred artifact, completely unaware of what it is. She makes the singular mistake of trying to sell it to her fence, who spreads the word that the Pillar is out there, the last of the three in existence and that Christine has it.

Axl and his Magnum team, military acquirers are sent out after Christine and the Pillar, to bring it back to their Empress to prevent and invasion.

But nothing goes as planned. Christine manages to escape all of Axl’s attempts to grab the artifact until her Aunt puts her into the TerraMates system, without Christine’s knowledge and approval. Axl takes advantage, and contracts for the marriage. And the adventure through the galaxies begin.

Christine is a complete female character, able to operate and be on her own. She takes what she wants and often that is Axl. She is control of herself and as much a warrior as any of the Magnum team.

Axl is an alpha-male to his core, but Christine often breaks that down by taking control, something he truly enjoys.

As usual, Ms. Lace’s plotting is fantastic, with twists and turns. Her secondary characters are each unique, and they often give their lives for their team or their families.

The Empress and the Aunt could be twins, in the way they manipulate people, and in a way they are as much the villains as the General.

A fun, sexy adventure more than a typical romance. Wonderful characters and a great Macguffin!

5 out of 5


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