Oh, the Unrequited love of a Book-Boyfriend

So, what you may ask, is a book-boyfriend. I define him as a someone, if he were real, you would not only date, but fall madly in love with.

My very first book-boyfriend came when I was 3 and my father read me the story of Beauty and the Beast. You see, I’m not a princess that needs saving. I hate that. It implies that women aren’t strong enough or smart enough to escape a witch with an apple or not prick her finger on a spinning wheel, she sure as heck shouldn’t be a Queen. A Queen is a King’s equal and should be just as able to save him. So when Beauty saves her Beast, not because she knows he is a rich, handsome prince but because she loves him, I was hooked. Hooked on that wounded hero who loves more deeply than Prince Charming ever could.

My first somewhat grown up book-boyfriend, Mr. Rodchester from Jane Eyre. I think that started me love of wounded literary hero. He was cranky and seemed cold, but deep inside his emotions ran deep. As Jane slowly becomes the center of his life, we can see his heart, be it for Jane or for his young French ward.

Then came Mr. Darcy. Yes, like all women who love English literature, Mr. Darcy was the ideal man. Witty, snarky but defensive of those he loves. And I do not mean the Darcy of Pride and Prejudice andZombies. I mean the real Austin hero! Colin Firth embodied him completely, perfectly and with the hidden passion. That passion is truly revealed when Elizabeth Bennet

As I grew older, book-boyfriends came and went, none sticking around like the first two. After all, who could measure up to Rodchester and Darcy? For awhile, there was Le Comte De Saint-Germaine of Chelsea Yarbro Quinn’s vampire novels, and of course Tommy Valentine of Vampire Junction.

When chemotherapy became a part of my life, Gregrori of Dark Magic by Christien Feehan and Jean-Claude of the Anita Blake books were temporary crushes. And of course, there is Nathaniel in those same Anita Blake books. I see him as a cross between the perfect submissive (melts my dominant heart every time) and Christian Kane!

But right now, I have a harem of book-boyfriends! And they are very much ones you keep. Sherilyn Kenyon’s Men of the Sentella – oh my, who wouldn’t love them? Cyn, Darling, and Dagger! If only one could marry fictional characters and marry a lot of them at once.

The most recent book-boyfriend has stuck with me for a month, since I reviewed his book The Spirit-Chaser (https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Chaser-Chasers-Book-ebook/dp/B01JFAF74O/) for Netgalley (you can find the review on Amazon, Goodreads and both my blogs). Kat Montemayor created a hero of mythic proportions for me. Austin”Control” Cole, the Spirit-Chaser, for me is a combo of Zak Bagans (of Ghost Adventures) and Stephen Amell (of Arrow). He had me when he told his girlfriend, a psychic who is completely unsure of her own beauty “I’m all in.” That moment sealed the deal. I can’t wait to read the second book, The Melancholy Ghost, to see if … Well I won’t give a spoiler out except to say, that the end is poignant and Austin gets his wish to be able to see ghosts.

Kolby Winters, of Winter’s Heat (https://www.amazon.com/Winters-Heat-Titan-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00FCZC2KE/) is my other current book-boyfriend. A former SpecOp soldier, he now works for Titan, a group of private contractors who are the good guys. In the beginning of the novel, we are presented with a man who only goes by Winters and only wants hit it and quit it women. Then we learn he loves his mother and has a daughter. And he loves completely, fully and with every ounce of his heart. He and his friends/co-workers in Titan are the best of the best of our former servicepeople and as such are braver than brave. He also falls into that wounded hero category that gets me every time.

Donna MacDonald’s series Cyborg: Mankind Redefined has a bunch of those wounded heroes, and while I love them, they don’t make my book-boyfriend list, not yet. Basically, because their women would kick my ass!

So, readers and writers – do you have a book-boyfriend of you own?


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