Truly and completely awful in every possible way

Please note:  I am not including a link to the book itself.  Your time, and mine, is much better spent reading any and every other alien romance out there.  If you truly want Alien romance, please contact me and I will provide you with a handful of chosen authors.

Valentine’s Cyborg Kindle Edition

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

And, to be honest, free was way too much to pay. I want recompencence for the time it took me to read it.

It lacks plot, character development and anything regarding romance. It is more of skeleton for a future book sliced up and fed a few kinks for titilation (not exhilartion, seduction or excitement).

Apparently, I write apparently because we never see it, this is the far flung future where Jaya is an erotic fiction writer who is being stalked. We are told all of this, never once shown anything to make it interesting. She also was, also apparently, attacked by this stalker (we are never shown how, the results or the lead up to this attack) and severely injured. As such she has, apparently, a new home. I have no clue where she lives. She spends, apparently, a lot of time on line with a bot (?), which is, apparently, a cyborg. This cyborg, apparently, part of a group of EBE’s who have come to Earth and are trying to replenish their race with humans. Which, apparently, is the plot of a lot of way better stories and books out there.

Painful to read. It doesn’t even cross the line into funny like many awful books.

1 star out of 5 because the writer has enough guts to put her name on this, apparently. My time is more valuably spent than this and this author is off my ever to read ever again list


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