A new fairy tale is born

The Prince of the Moon Kindle Edition

by Megan Derr 

A new fairy-tale is born.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

With the impact of Beauty and the Beast, this LGBTQIA romance does what I thought was not possible. Megan Derr created an entirely new fairy-tale. The story of Solae is beautiful, giving to young men and boys their own Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Snow White. Her writing is pure bliss, although perhaps her feminization of Solae’s appearance might have been a little over the top, possibly playing into some of the stereotypes that many people try to avoid. She does it so deftly though, and so thoughtfully that I can’t fault her. And at times he does come over as much younger than he actually is and titch whiny. But, his past is so horrible and painful, I can see what she was aiming for.

As the A it the acronym, my experience is limited to what young men need in a fairy-tale.

Her writing is pure, clean and sweet, and her attention to detail and description is luscious. At times, I could feel the texture of the fabrics of their costumes!

This story ranks up there in my heart and mind with Cloak and Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon in its heart. Her characters are well drawn, both heroes with strengths and damage. Millios reminds me in a way of Marris of C&S and the other League novels. Millios does steal the show.

While it probably will never be a Disney movie, complete with dancing cups and dishes, it should probably be.

If I could I would definitely give it more stars than five.

5 stars out of 5

A beautiful read for anyone with a heart, soul and a love of a HEA.


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