A new, great take on Vampires

Trelloran Seduction (The Making of a Goddess Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Georgia Carter Mathers (Author),

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

A great new take on Vampires! Mathers is a great new talent to watch!

Kaitlau is a Princess. The daughter of a King Ganin, the vampire king of Trellora, has been held captive and repeatedly tortured. She manages to escape her prison to the world of Volren, the planet that Trellora is holding captive to drain of blood. She meets with a rebel, Pietah, who joins with her to stop the evil subjugation of his planet by the evil vampires.

Ms. Mathers has created a character in Kaitlau that shows us that we can overcome even the most horrible of abuse and come out on top. She, Kaitlau, is handled deftly and carefully. Much like Sara’s King’s To The Princess Bound, we have a heroine all women can look up to. My only complaint is how quickly that Kaitlau is able to overcome the 600 years of abuse.

Pietah is a wonderful hero, flawed and damaged. Forever stuck with the memory of the deaths of his mate and child, he is rebelling against the system he served. Again, deftly and fully created but overcomes his issues rather quickly.

Both characters overcome challenges that take most people years of therapy and mass amounts of psychiatric pharmacology to overcome. It is interesting that the first time we see Pietah, he is killing a Priest of the Vampire religion who happens to be his father – sort of a Oedipus thing going on there. The first time we see Kaitlau she is a butterfly – the symbol of transformation.

All in all the writing is excellent, the plot tight and the story dark, yet hopeful. There are some holes, which judging by the immense talent of Ms. Mathers, I am sure will be filled in the future books, which I will certainly buy.

4 out of 5 stars.



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