A prequel for which you need to read the sequel first!

Searching for the Perfect Mate: Remi’s Story: Prequel to Running in Fear Kindle Edition

A far better offering than Valentine’s Cyborg, which I also reviewed on several sites. A sexy story of one alpha’s search for his mate, and the hard choices and losses he must take to find her. Unfortunately, I’ve not read Running in Fear, so I’m a bit lost and put out that it had a cliffhanger. When referring it to “Remi’s Story” I thought I would get the whole story, not just a short few scenes.

Of course, some of the scenes did send me running for a cold shower. The sex scenes were steamy hot. The MFM dynamic, particulaly the MM portion, their ready acceptance of each others touch and feel was well handled. The woman involved, her character was not complete in anyway, and she was kind of a place holder, sor of a living blow up doll that the author utilized for Remi to work out some issues.

The fight scenes were exciting and action packed.

The description of the character was a little lacking, it was at times to get a full vision of who looked like what when you’ve not read the ‘sequel’. Prequels are tricky – just ask George Lucas. It would have been nice to know what Pierre and the others looked like.

Also more of an idea of what the club looked like. And Taming Shrew? In fact, a full reading of that play shows that Kate tames Petruchio as much as she tames him, so as a Domme myself, it isn’t truly a Dom’s kind of story.

All in all not bad, could use from fleshing out and padding. If it were turned into it’s own full novel instead of a sort of long short story, it would be excellent.

3 stars out of 5



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