The Soul Catcher

Rowanne S Carberry

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Birth of a great series is witnessed!

A heroine cursed with the ability to see the future – but only the deaths of the people she touches Jemma has spent most of her life training herself to never, ever touch or be touched by anyone. Then, a simple slip on the street outside her local tea shop, and her whole life changes. She witnesses the murder of the woman she touches. After dragging herself to the police, she is jailed. She is only let out when she is forced to help a task force of others with special powers track down the murderer, a serial killer who may be more, or less than human. Her only relief is Ripper. A sexy police officer who has the ability to relive others memories.

If you don’t fall instantly for the protective, sexy, psychic Ripper, there is something wrong with your heart. If for no other reason, you should spend the night with him, reading this story. I was willing to sacrifice myself to help that taskforce just for him!

Jemma is no one to sneeze at! Her steel spine and strength are something to look up to. She is sly and unwilling to take crap from anyone. Of course, that means she is in customer service, on the phone. Anyone who has ever worked a call center will recognize that special hell she is going through right there and instantly respect her for sticking it out, day after day.

The killer is interesting but no where as interesting as the taskforce members – from the pushy, cruel leader who will do anything to keep his people working to the witch to the demonologist.

Snappy writing and careful plotting make this an great mystery, pay attention to everything because the resolution will have you going back to make sure you understood!

Awesome read!

4 out of 5 stars


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