A good Dystopian story that may be the next Divergent

Resistance (Divided Elements Book 1) Kindle Edition

An above average post-apocalyptic/dystopian thriller

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I am a bit of a connoisseur of Dystopia and her sister genre the Post-apocalyptic. I began my journey in this field with Maleval, Z for Zachariah, A Girl Who Owned A City, The Stand, and Swan’s Song. Waaay back at the beginning, when the Cold War was still waging.

This newest wave, that sort of began with the Hunger Games, is completely different. Rather than Nuclear War, we are looking at a climate catastrophe, and in Resistance’s case, we are in Paris – grand Paris. Where Orthodoxy lives. Much like Divergent, young people are divided up into groups, in this case their elements. Their element reflects their individual personality and gifts, determines where and how they live and what jobs that they may do. If for some reason you behave in some way outside your element, you have commited Unorthodoxy. If for some reason, you reach beyond or lose the understanding of your element, you have committed a far worse crime Heterodoxy.

Anaiya 234 is a Fire element, she runs through the city with other fire elements, punishing these crimes ruthlessly. Until she is lured into a scheme to draw out the Resistance, those who want to break down the enforcement of the Orthodoxy.

I found Anaiya an interesting character but after the first three or four parkour moves, it gets a little redundant, unless you are involved in the practice of free running. Like any sport, the lingo will be lost on a non-fan. Also the cocktails and naming patterns were a little contrived, as if the author were trying to force world building instead of building in an organic manner. So, while there is a layered world, there is a sort of inorganic feel to it, as if it were pieces forced together and we are meant to puzzle it out.

It is the secondary characters that truly save this book, and raise it abouve 3 to 4 stars. I will remember the various Resistance members for a long time, from Rhed to Drew. This is an area I would like to see expanded on in the future books, as the author leaves behind the extreme sports jargon and the drink mixes.

Also, these characters’ ages are never quite revealed, but they felt in their early twenties. It would be interesting to have things like the naming/numbering system explained as it doesn’t have a reference in our world. Suzanne Collins was so successful with her naming techniques in The Hunger Games trilogy as they had connections that we could touch – such as the Mockingjay itself. Part mocking bird, part blue jay. We could understand it was a hybrid of the two.

The writing is clean if not always clear. The plotting is excellent but the gotcha moment is revealed long after the reader gets is.

Four out of 5 stars



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