Naughty, sensual experience

Club Trega Kindle Edition

by Nicole Wood 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Written by someone who clearly has an understanding of both the poly and BDSM communities, this novel slices right through you, sending you to a cold, icy shower or your lover with the steam and the tension between the three, Michael, Annie and Bruce. It is clearly written, the relationships build slowly, carefully – with Michael and Bruce slowly rebuilding what they once had (bad boys, not negotiating before you began the playing) and Annie building a new bond with each man.

Ms. Wood doesn’t overwhelm us with a huge front loading of data about the individuals, but rather allows to experience their lives together and apart, before and after – both through memories and through interactions with others. She also allows us to see how non-traditional relationships are viewed by staid outsiders.

The Sex and the Love scenes are hot – even when described after instead of lived through at the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and give a big 4 crops… I mean stars out of 5


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