She shoots! She scores the perfect prequel

The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death Kindle Edition

by Kim Harrison 

She shoots! She scores! From the Three-point line of a prequel.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Prequels are difficult – just ask George Lucas. Particularly when dealing with a fully formed mythology and characters that appear in the future and their parents and previous incarnations! But of course the mighty Kim Harrison handles it with ease!

The Turn is both a fantastic mystery and a apocalyptic thriller with an urban fantasy flavor.

Kal is a perfect foil for Trisk. He is both a man of his time – the 1960’s – in which women are just winning the proper place in the workforce and man of his people – prejudice against any form of dark magic. He is also borderline sociopathic, the only other creature he cares about is his pixie companion Orchid. He cares more about his theories than about the protection of his people and certainly more than that of humans. As such he plays with Trisk’s work as a geneticist who has used a virus to alter DNA. As he does this, he creates a worldwide plague.

The authorities of the Hollows force Trisk and Kal to work together in a cross country race to stop the plague before it can wipe out humanity, removing a food source for the vampires.

Trisk is a excellent ‘predecessor’ for Rachel Morgan. She is feisty, sure of herself and willing to do what is called for in the situation, even if it means harming her own soul.

The truly wonderful part are the Easter eggs and the ‘old’ friends we meet along the way.

It was also nice to see what the Turn was all about. To see how quickly the devastation happened, so that acceptance of the Others is understood

As usual, Kim hits it to the stands and beyond with her plotting and her characterizations. The way she slips in so much so deftly is amazing, she could teach many Hollywood screen writers how to handle both sequels and prequels. Kim is truly the master of the genre of Urban Fantasy.

5 out of 5 – a perfect novel in all ways!


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