A great new Genre is born

The Mountain King: Dragon Shifter Urban Fantasy Romance (Dragon, Stone & Steam Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Emma Alisyn 

So, a Urban Fantasy, Dragon Shifter, Paranormal, Post-apocalyptic, Dystopian romance with a sort of Alien Abduction romance kind of thrown in (the dragons come from another dimension, so I guess that makes them aliens, right) all wrapped up in a glorious package. Emma Alisyn is an amazing talent who I can’t wait to see grow!

A heroine who isn’t a young, innocent, but a middle aged mother who kicks ass when necessary and has trained her three daughters to do the same. All of them go everywhere, including a ball, armed. When one of her daughters is injured by a flesh-trader (think a human trafficker after women because females are in short supply), Kailigh has to seek help from the Lord of the mountain City, Maddugh.

Maddugh happily heals the daughter, Cin, but he has a price. Not only are human females horrifyingly rare, but so are women with dragon on Dwrykin blood. He can see that Kailigh and her three daughters have some of that blood. His price is three weeks of their time spent in his city, to be courted and hopefully married to his dragon shifter men.

Of course, nothing goes quite right, starting off with Kailigh thinking she is too old to marry and she certainly doesn’t want anymore children. Which means, Maddugh wants this contrary, strong, hard-willed woman as his queen. The flesh-traders are also after the daughters.

Ms. Alisyn’s talent lies not only in her ability to craft sharp, cutting dialogue between the Dragon King and his prospective Queen, but also in her creative characters. Most romance novel heroines are, at the oldest, early 30’s. Kailigh is in her 40’s, which is young for a dragon, but she still carries all that experience with her and thinks of herself as human and middle aged.

The world Ms. Alisyn gives us at first seems medieval, until there are descriptions of the fallen cities and the cities that are rebuilding – Seattle, San Francisco and so on. People try to salvage items from other cities but due to radiation and biological weapon residue, they must cover themselves in haz-mat suits. And it was the nuclear war that ripped a temporary hole between the dimensions that allows the Dragon and other Fae creatures through. Unfortunately, the trip is one-way.

As you can see from the descriptions and the outline, Ms Alisyn has created a very complex world, with complete characters with full backstories and lives before the book begins, and she has created a complex story line that is easy to fall in love with. And she has done it with style! Truly a book I got lost in.

5 out of 5


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