A great book of its time – 40 years ago

High Couch of Silistra (The Silistra Quartet Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Janet Morris 
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Originally published in 1977, this was a groundbreaking book … of its time. Unfortunately, the revolutionary presentation of prostitutes having power has been done in this time, in a much better way By Jacqueline Carrey in her Kushiel series. The ‘naughty’ sex has been blown away by Shades of Grey as well as many other BDSM romance novels.
The characters are clearly based on the Women’s Movement of the 70’s, with the Keeperesses being strong and intelligent but still slightly under the control of the men of their time. As CFC’s – complete female characters, they are overshadowed by UF heroines like Anita Blake with her rather rich and busy sex life that goes with her slaying monsters.
The male characters could easily be played by Steve McQueen or Charlton Heston, but I can’t see Ben Afflect or Matt Damon there because we as a society have evolved.
The writing is also caught in the amber of the seventies. It reminds me a lot of the fantasy novels I read once I hit middle school and visited used book stores for SF/F novels.
The plot, well, is meandering and all I got out of it was she was looking for her father and all hell broke loose.
3 out of 5


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