Blog Tour and Viking/Anglo-Saxon Review

Kin of Cain: A Short Bernicia Tale Kindle Edition
by Matthew Harffy
Never in my life have I wanted to give out the spoiler for the mystery of a novel, so I am going to talk around it. Anyone who has taken English 101, will figure out what I am talking about.
A Viking/Anglo-Saxon adventure as Octa and his men chase after a man-eating monster. Mr. Harffy does an amazing job of dispelling the glamor of the High Fantasy quest. Octa, Bassa and the others neither freeze, go hungry, get hurt and even run away when it gets to difficulty. He has done more than create character or heroes, he has created real men with real problems – pride, stubbornness and eventually PTSD. My only complaint is, while the men get filling out, the women are servers, mothers, and silent, damaged creatures. There are histories of that period of women warriors and I felt like the Zak Snyder decision to almost not make a Wonder Woman movie.
He tells the story in a more realistic way than it’s 15th-century manuscript, without the horror of Olde English that you have to read aloud to get through. He hits every point. I’m not a big fan of all male quest stories, but the Viking/Anglo-Saxon overtones (thank you kindle for an internal connection for a dictionary and Wikipedia) made it fascinated. I could honestly see Chris Hems
worth running around the great hall.
A fine, fast and wonderfully Viking/Anglo-Saxon adventure that will appeal to not only fantasy readers but folk-lore students and adventure nuts…/…/
4 out of 5
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