A sweet, not quite boiling romance

Seduced by the Sea Lord (Lords of Atlantis Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Starla Night 
I received a copy directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Seduced by the Sea Lord is a sweet paranormal romance that rides just below the boiling point, focusing more on the mythology and the rebuilding of the heroine’s, Lucy, well being and confidence. Lucy is a deep sea diver, a sort of wet suited Lara Croft. After her greatest find, a large Sea Opal, her husband takes off with the Opal. There are other reasons that will be revealed but nary a spoiler will I give!
Torun is a rebel Mer Warrior on the hunt for his Queen. He is acting against the counsel and perhaps the king as he searches for this women who will be his better half. She will make him complete, revitalize his city and give him the child he desperately wants.
That’s an awful lot to put on a recent divorcee’ who has put her very last cent into a leaky boat to try to once again find the source of the Sea Opals. She finds Torun caught on her anchor, and finding that he is alive, drags him on board to save him completely. And so the adventure begins.
The writing is sweet, almost a beginner’s romance novel, with nary a kink or a blind fold to be seen. There are love scenes, not sex scenes. Warm and gentle lovemaking between two meant for each other character.
Unfortunately, the females characters, from Lucy to all by Aya, can’t quite fill the CFC (complete female character) shoes. When they are alone, in a group of just the girls, we have a less graphic Sex in the City gab fest about the male lead instead of anything intellectual. Aya, on the other hand, is all business. I would truly love to see Aya as the next conquest.
The male characters also seem less than complete, they have two gears fighting and making love, except for the slimy Blake, Lucy’s ex-husband. He also has theft and murder in his arsenal.
My favorite part or is it parts of the story are the guardians. Funny, adorable and wonderful pets with high IQ’s. If I lived under the sea, I’d want Mr. Huggles for my own.
Safe enough for a NA to read but sweet enough for a jaded romance reader to fall for.
4 out of 5


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