Pages Turn Themselves in this tight thriller

By Presidential Order Kindle Edition
by Anthony Anglorus
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review
By Presidential Order is one of the great books that benefits from the arrival of e-books and the new movement of independent publishers. While from the 1970’s to September 10, 2001, this book might have seen a short run from a small house, the fact that this is a religious, speculative science fiction novel involving a very unbalanced, charismatic President who allows his own beliefs to overrun the dangers of a new science and the kidnapping of Jeshu (Jesus or Yeshua), it would probably not see the light of day. But thankfully, e-books allows us to experience an important book that makes us question where our beliefs come from and what happens when scientists do the work without considering the dangers involved.
The characters are original and true to themselves. Jeshu is a magnetic personality, who is a man of the people, trying to preach love and tolerance. The President, an Evangelical Fundamentalist, is more interested in the writings of man than the actual Christ he is meant to worship. There sly naming games – Ryan Kane as the head of the CIA. Ryan is Gaelic for king, Kane of course is another spelling of Cain the first betrayer. There are also slights of hand, bringing in other religions, from the Goddess Culture, with the appearance of Mary, Mary Magdeline and Martha (the Christian version of the pagan Triple goddess) to the story of where Jeshu was from 12 to 29 – studying religions from mystery schools of Egypt that were nearly dead, to Buddhism and his realization that all religions have similarities. The President that is presented, as he was written in 2015 and early 2016, was eerily prescience. Where our current leader, Donald Trump, is as evangelical about what he loves most, money. President Fetter (another name play on restraints) is so deeply Fundamentalist, so evangelical, I have the same feeling I had on November 9, 2016. How the hell did he get in office?
Dialogue git each character, and there is no ‘thees” and “thous’ in the ancient speakers. Centurions behave as officers would behave today. Caroline, of the blue hair, has the odd confident in science, shy in personality of beautiful, intellectual women. And Jeshu, he sounds like the Jesus I believed in when I was a young Catholic and the Wise Man whose words I believe in know as a Wiccan.
Mr Anglorus presents the science necessary to travel through time, both ways, in such a way that right brainers like me can grasp it. I felt like I was listening to a Neil DeGrasse Tyson lecture about astrophysics. I can wrap my brain around what is meant, even if I can’t do the math.
Pages turn themselves because the plot is layered and fitted like an expert game of Tetris. Will the scientists when out over the crazy POTUS in what happens to the kidnapped Jeshu?
I have only one question, why did they have to actually physically kidnap him to please Fetter? Modern special effects can put Ewan McGregor’s face on his stunt double during a light-saber fight in Episode One. It would be cheaper to CG the resurrection.
5 of 5


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