An Adequate or Beginner’s Alien Conquest Romance

Hunter’s Claim: Science Fiction Romance (The Alliance Book 1) Kindle Edition
by S. E. Smith 
An adeqaute, capable offering in the alien abduction romance genre. Jesse and here sisters are very extraordinary in this genre, which it what gives the book bite. They are fighter, and pragmatic. These are not the the typical scared out their wits, then head over heels (sometimes literally) heroines that run about some of the alien conquest stories.
The love scenes are mild and gentle, well handled and not graphic. This would be a perfect beginner’s alien romance.
I rather like the cat-like race and their protective streak, and their lack of the dominating strain that has been running through the males in the romance of late. Honestly, sometimes a girl just has to take control.
The plot is a simple, common one that I’ve even read the opening scene before, almost word for word in at least 2 other Alien Conquest romances and half a dozen post-apocalyptic novels.
All in all good, fast fun. I swallowed it whole in about 4 hours, one sitting.

4 stars out of 5


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