Best book I’ve read all year

Romance (The Phoenix Book 1)Kindle Edition
The best book I’ve read all year
With humor and tension and suspense, it is as if John Hughes, Stephen King and Dean Koontz all had a Millennial baby.
The main characters, Graham and Julia – their entire universe are typical teenagers. Except for the ubiquitous smart phones – they could have lived in any time from around 1975 through today.
All the young characters display the wild spring of emotions that teenagers (yes you do) experience. The tingle of first attraction, the gut wrenching pain of deep betrayal and that utter stab in the heart of humilation. It brought back definite memories.
The mystery, and the suspense hold hands tightly, keeping you going with enough “I knew that” bombs. I loved the way things wove together slowly, always piling on each other, like a literary game of Jenga. Or the perfect easter egg hunt as the pieces are laid out for you to see.

Cliffhanger WARNING. But you only drop a few feet, as there is a real world Happy Ending with parents being parents and friends being friends … and boys and girls being boys and girls.

Five definitely big stars out of 5


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