Astounding, fresh and redefines the PNR/UF Genre!

Lady of Silver (Blood & Silver) Kindle Edition
by Shona Husk
I received a copy of this wonderful book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
A fresh, astounding, rich take on not only vampires and magic, but on Urban Fantasy and romance.
With a serial killer running up a kill count, those kills looking like a vampire cult gone mad, Dale Morgan has no choice but to do the one thing he hates to do, turn to a psychic for help. His fellow police office had used it in the past, so his superior sent him on his way to Saba Venn’s New Age shop, for assistance. He is still recovering from his mother’s death. A mother who relied on magic and the occult, and he believes it may have killed her.
Ms. Husk redefines urban fantasy with a story full of emotion, where the heroine is strong but doesn’t need to fight physically. Her soul is as pure as the silver she uses. I’ve never read anything quite like this. Had I not had a doctor’s appointment in the middle, this would definitely been a straight through read. I wanted to chew through the pages, get to the end, any end, because the characters were so deeply, richly and fully drawn.
In Saba, we have a woman, a full and completely realized women, even if she is not human. She is Albah. A separate race that once was led by vampire-like Albanex, but their purpose has been lost, their graves guarded, the secret magic buried, lost and forbidden. While she is not technically human, she is the most human character in the field that I have seen in ages. A fully developed Complete Female Character that the readers of UF/PNR look so hard for!
And Dale, though at first the prototypical burned out, exhausted homicide detective, has his layers peeled away as he realizes that while there is magic in the world, and vampires and psychics, there is also love and healing if he has the courage to grab them.
This is more of a thriller than a mystery, as the killer is revealed, and his web is spun around our hero and heroine. Clearly, a malignant narcissistic with psychopathic tendencies and megalomania to boot, he is purely evil. When the magic that is required to become a Albahnex is revealed, the depth of his depravity is shocking.
The characters are not static, jumping through hoops of magic and sex. They all evolve, from the main characters to the side characters who are clearly being prepared for their own stories.
Speaking of sex, there is one short, scintillating love scene. The way it is handled is both delicate and thrilling. It left me panting a bit.
I do have to admit, though, the universe Ms. Husk created is so universal, it took me until nearly the end to realize that this takes place in Australia, not the States or Canada.
The ending, in itself, is deeply satisfying and a HEA in the making. Because the future is not a single path but possibilities.
I positively cannot wait for the next book.
5 shiny stars out of 5.
This book is Book Nerd Approved!


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