A sexy new series by a master of the craft

Souljacker: A Lily Bound Novel Kindle Edition
by Yasmine Galenorn 
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
A solid sexy new series is born with a heroine who has a fascinating past and brilliant future.
Succubus Lily (very clever, Ms. Galenorn) , has found her place in a very dangerous dystopian Seattle, were Weres, Demons, Fae and Humans live in fear of the newly outed vampires. These vampires are not the lovable shiny kind, rather they are deadly predators who left their humanity at the coffin and have infiltrated the government and big business, to the point where the police are no longer solving vampire murders and a less than honest President has ordered Congress to give vampires full human rights, so killing one would be murder.
If that weren’t enough, Lily’s latest client, Tygur, a Weretiger is murdered by a vampire while in her home, turning the Were community against her.
More Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance, we are taken on a tightenly written, well imagined tour of a new universe by a true master of the two genres.
Ms. Galenorn is able to take what are well trod tropes and make them fresh, with a character who is a survivor but not some superpowered or ultra-trained special agent. Lily is your average, every day succubus trying to survive with a little damage to her heart or the world around her.
The dialogue is fresh, each character has his or her own voice. And the POV character, Lily is old enough to be strong but not hardened.
The scattered lovemaking is well written, and just right. Not so graphic as to cause a shudder but fitting with the characters involved. And the spark between them is clearly laid and perfect.
A solid 5 out of 5
This book is Book Nerd Approved!


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