Forgetable chick-lit hiding out in the PNR Aisle

Ghosts Don’t Lie Kindle Edition
by Katie O’Sullivan 
I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review via NetGalley.
Forgettable chick-lit disguised as paranormal romance.
Jillian was once a childhood psychic, a ghost whisperer, who thrust that all behind to gaing a normal life. Her life slowly, and I do mean slolwy, changes over an eventful Christmas to New Year’s week, starting with a beloved aunt’s car accident.
Jillian is incredibly self-aware, and must have had years of therapy, as she is the most realized and least stereotypical charcter in this book. She takes an enormous amount of personal blows, from a relative who apparently likes to murder other family members to marital problems to the return of her psychic gift and her first love, while rolling with the punches.
Meanwhile, all around her are stereotypes. Her husband, a typical less than honest high-priced lawyer, famous enough to make it to Page Six. Her mother, a new agey woman with less than new agey behavior and so on.
The plot plods on. I read this in a single sitting simply because I have insomnia. A couple of hundred pages felt like a Stephe King tome without the oomph. Also, the dialogue is terrible. Jillian always has the answers, always is calm.
Quite frankly, the three stars I give it here are too much. I realize that others like it but I am not a chick-lit fan and I like a little less Sex-in-The-City with my ghostly tales
Three shakey stars out of Five
This book is not Book Nerd Approved


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