I’m in love with the world and the hero!

Wanted and Wired (Tether Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Vivien Jackson
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Wow! A sexy, thrilling dystopian adventure paired with one of the deepest love stories I’ve read in ages. And one of the sexiest, purest love from a male character.
They did it, they actually did it. Texas seceded and through the USA into an unending war. Mari and Heron run errands and ops to keep things somewhat even, or rather Mari runs them and Heron does everything in his incredible power as a post-human with nearly unending control and mental strength to protect her. He is the center of his rather large, cybernetic universe and he is the one thing she has always relied on.
And I can see why. I am in love with Heron myself. His overriding urge to protect precious things, be they ancient works of arts that he rescues from the smoldering remains of Texas and the remaining USA, or the people he loves, is so deep and he puts so much into it without turning cave man Alpha asshole. He is such a fully realized male, I want one.
Mari is equally realized. She is a shooter, a hitwoman for money who is constantly trying to find out info on her father. She is driven, just as Heron, but by other things. She is so well realized, that when we switch to her third person limited POV, she has her own language. A language so genuine, we can place her as from the south, from the country but with just that edge of education from her genius father.
Ms. Jackson allows the plot to drive itself, like a well maintained Tesla, Eco-safe, but fast and sexy to boot. Breadcrumbs are laid, but in such away, the answer the mystery is a gut punch and not an a-ha, I knew that moment.
The side characters, Mrs. Weatherly to Chloe are fascinating enough that I was plumb pleased to see this is a series starter. I can’t wait to dig into the world, as destroyed as it is, that Ms. Jackson has created with its many levels and dangers lurking around the corner.
Ms. Jackson carefully places a far enough time frame from ours that, while we can accept the tech, it is advanced enough that it makes sense.
5 stars out of 5
This book is Book Nerd Approved!


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