A new Beauty and the Beast – where the beast is a Cyborg

Cyborg Warrior: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance (Buring Metal) (Volume 4) Paperback – March 27, 2017
by Lisa Lace
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Whenever I receive a Lisa Lace book for review, it moves right to the front, even if I am in the middle of another book. In fact, I throw in Pride and Prejudice and plan to not sleep until I’m done with the book. Cyborg Warrior is a perfect reason why.
This takes place a few years in the future from the previous books, when Cyborgs are no longer being rehabilitated but rounded up and killed.
In a deserted farm house, Thunder is part of a cyborg renegade team, set on freeing their fellow cyborgs. He has a clear idea of who and what he is, a cybernetic soldier. He has missions, he has goals, he takes and craves orders, and he seeks rank. Until he runs into Melissa.
Melissa is an English Major in college, following her hormonal urge and a boy she is attracted to. Their plan, to save the same cyborgs. Melissa is the perennial good girl, who has had her first taste of bad, and boy does it go wrong. Rather than go home, she joins a group of Liberators, college kids who believe that Cyborgs have rights too. Instead of carrying signs and marching, Melissa joins a group who mean to free Cyborgs who have been taken prisoners.
Which is oddly what Thunder and his crew, led by a Cyborg by the name and attitude of Savage, have the same plan, only they have weapons and a plan.
In order to get rid of the rather ill-equipped college aged Liberators, Thunder takes Melissa hostage. This sets off a string of emotions that Thunder doesn’t understand, and scares the wits out of Melissa, at first. Then, deep inside, they both begin to feel something full and true.
Ms. Lace’s talents are many, but in this particular entry in the Burning Metal series, her vivid descriptions of both the world around the characters and the inner worlds of their souls is the most striking. Whether it is the description of a security guard who is nearly bursting the buttons of his shirt or Melissa’s musing that their love affair is like Romeo and Juliet or Beauty and the Beast – two very different stories with two very different endings, Ms. Lace grabs you and pulls you into the story. Like a James Cameron movie, we feel for both characters instantly, and see that inside they are more alike than they are different. Both are unsure, both are just growing into their emotional lives.
The love stories she weaves in the Burning Metal series are hot flashes, true soul mates finding each other. The love scenes are equally hot, scalding in fact. But this is not erotica, this romance. The sex is truly from the heart, not from lust and dark urges.
The social commentary is also excellently laid out. Simply replacing unauthorized immigrants for the cyborg and ICE for the Purity Force, and you can clearly see what she is saying in this sci-fi/dystopian romance.
With a HEA and a growing Resistance, this is the best of the series as it take the concept of humanity, sentience and consciousness seriously.
This book is Book Nerd Approved
5 wired stars out of 5


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