Two Precogs who can’t forsee their own love

Alpha’s Enslaved Bride: A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance (TerraMates Book 4) Kindle Edition
by Lisa Lace

The Burning Times are back, and as a woman with psychic and magically gifts, Quinn is caught in the middle of them on Earth. She is bound and determined to get away from the Sons of the Heavenly Father and their nasty habit of bar-b-queuing gifted people and determined to protected her father.

Justin, her father comes up with the perfect solution – she needs to leave Earth. Other planets not only accept psychic gifts but embrace them, and put the gifted to work.

Of course no planet is perfect, in fact Airik has to marry by the Akuna or lose his status as the Director of the Precog Division. And wouldn’t you know it, he finds himself linked, precognitively with Quinn, closely link until his then girlfriend walks in as he relays the link to his recorder. She breaks the link and he can’t get it back. He just knows she is important, that there is love and desire between them. Frustrated that he can’t find his link with her and knowing he is running out of time, he puts his future into his cousin’s, Kartar’s, hands. He too turns to TerraMates.

There is a certain level of humor to go with the tension of the recurrence of the Burning Times. The evil would be Inquisitors are bumbling, ignorant Zealots who don’t quite understand that the people they are after usually know it.

The relationship between Airik and Quinn is your usual romance with love spontaneously combusting between while other parties and incidents keep them apart. In fact, it is Airik’s past and emotional damage that does that duty, not allowing himself to love Quinn while Quinn falls, leaving her plan to live out the contracted year then divorce him.

Quinn falls into the strong female character, never quite stretching to talking to her only female friend about anything but Airik and Airik falls into the same trap.

But the well thought our Precog/Recorder/Field Team is brilliant. Ms. Lace put a lot of thought into a psychic bureaucracy. She also truly though out what it takes for people to relax enough to sink into their inner minds.

This is more of a sci/fi adventure with a few love scenes than a romance, so it is perfect for readers of all the genres and the ones in between.

5 twinkly stars out of 5
This Book is Book Nerd approved


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