For Girls who love the Phantom and Boys who wanted to be the Beast

Beauty of the Beast (Fairy Tale Retellings Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Rachel L. Demeter 
I received a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review.

A story for every girl who wanted to be with the Phantom and every boy who believed himself to be the Beast, Ms. Demeter has created a Gothic fairytale in 19th century France and it’s imaginary

Creating the perfect fairy-tale retelling as told by a mixologist. 1 shot of Bronte (I think Charlotte tastes best but some will see Emily as more to taste), 1 shot of Gaston Leroux, two shakes of Chinderella. Shake and strain into a glass and top off with Charles Perrault. The influence of all these writers and their heroes and heroines makes this a glorious retelling of Beauty and the Beast with just a little Jane Eyre and a little Phantom of the Opera. It’s a Gothic romance, which doesn’t mean moodie GenX’rs and Millennials drowin in black eyeliner but rather the writing style. Ms. Demeter makes the style all her own with her deep descriptions that set the tone of each scene perfectly. She also displays emotions, not by naming them but by showing the outer actions and the face that reveals, even for an instant the disparity.

Ms. Demeter has created a lovable story that is 50% Beauty and the Beast (Disney not Perrault) 40% Phantom of the Opera and 10% Cinderella written very much in the style of the Bronte sisters. I fell in love with Adam the same way I fell for Mr Rochester, Eric (The Phantom – he does have a name) and the Beast. But was overwhelmed with the number of unnecessary characters. The servant and the mistress were totally unnecessary. And once again, someone left out Beauty’s brothers.

All in all a passionately written, Gothic romance with a penchant for an adjective overdose.

4 stars out of 5


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