Lisa lace has given me back spies! As long as they are hunky, filthy rich and can breathe under water Book Nerd Approved

Water World Confidential: A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance (TerraMates Book 3) Kindle Edition
by Lisa Lace
I received a complimentary review copy from the authorities
For Lisa, I laid aside my single reading rule – no spies. Well, I amended it. You see, in the 80’s, my dad had me reading this ridiculous book where the PLO and the IRA joined forces to get Nazi gold. For those with no cognitive memories of the Reagan years because 1. you weren’t born or 2. it was the 80’s, nuff said. The PLO and the IRA were THE in terrorist groups. One from Palestine and the other Northern Ireland. It was stupid and had no chance of ever happening and then there was an FBI agent chasing them out of the US. So, yeah, no more spies. Until Jori and Samantha

WWC is perhaps the book I’ve enjoyed reading the most this year. The most fun characters inhabited the pages, with a full on tough girl CFC who takes no poo from no body, not even if they are possibly a drug lord or her Mail-Order-Husband Jori. Whom Samantha initially believes, like the rest of his family and most of Vandwa, is a ex-con on parole who is working as a life guard on the mostly watery planet.

If Vadwa seems familiar, we have returned from where we started, to where the first bride met her true love.
Jori, is in fact, the first husband, Nathaniel’s little brother and a secret agent on his last mission. The most important mission for the favorite son who lost his beloved mother. He is trying to rescue kidnapped children before they are shipped off planet to be adopted, in the best case, or dissected, in the worst.
There are epic chase scenes, Dr. No type plots involving man-eating monsters and a broken hero who just needed the love of his life to bring him back from the edge, to start over far away from the bad guys.
Samatha is sassy in a good way and is in it for the adventure. Although, her wisdom may be in short supply, She suffers from severe motion sickness and is getting this adventure on a planet that is mostly water and boats!
Jori has many layers, and you can feel how brittle those masks and layers are, how tired he is and how hard it is to keep returning to the jerk persona he had to create to survive as a spy.

So a definite 5 out of 5 and a second try at spy novels, as long as they are hunky and can breathe underwater!

This book and Lisa always come Book Nerd Approved!


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