Book Nerd Approved: Post-Apocolyptic/Dystopian Population control Coming of age novel. Whew!

Slip: A SciFi Dystopian Thriller (The Slip Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition
by David Estes 

I received a complimentary copy for review purposes from NetGalley
Climate change has caught up with the USA, in a very hard way. Coastal cities are gone, or rather Wyoming has a rather nice coastal view and Lady Liberty looks a little like she did in the Original Planet of the Apes. The horrors that occurred as and after the water overtook the lower lying land are still scars on the RUSA. The climate refugee camps and food shortages. So the politician and the buerocrats and the statiticians all get together to create a one life for one death population plan in their now 42 states. In order to have a child, a couple must pay a fee and receive a Death Match, someone whose death will allow them to have a new life. Occassionally, deaths fall through. Miracles and Science and so on keep a guaranteed Death out of equation leaving an UnBee, an Unauthorized Being who must be destroyed before it lives 24 months and becomes a Slip, and all slips and those who help them must be Hunted and killed.
The Boy had no name, and never left his house until the night his father forced him to. And that night he became Benson Meck, the oldest slip. He didn’t even know what a slip was.
This story is for boys what the Hunger Games were for girls. A warning of their possible future, a promise that we will do what we can to protect them and promise they can survive, that they are strong enough.
It is also very creepy. Slips have been assigned as the OTHER, the thing that society can hate en masse for taking valuable resources instead of working on other solutions The exploration of that very problem, one that haunts the minds of many of our country’s people now in the form of Refugees and Unauthorized Aliens, is extremely well explored with both Benson and Harrison Kelly, the son of the Head of Population Control. They both discover that perhaps there is no other, that maybe there is always room for one more and that maybe simple, draconian solutions are never the answer.
Mr. Estes has built a world not too different from our gadget obsessed one, so not only are we familiar and not caught up in the gee-whiz isn’t that cool factor of some speculative stories, but we are warned how close this possible future is. There is a definite wealth gap and very few middle class seemed to have survived.
The writing follows Boy along, the syntax and sentences and vocab matching him as he ages and as he becomes Benson.
The only character that I found a tad over the top was bully-turned-cyborg the Destroyer. His psychosis flips on too fast. I would have preferred that be drawn out a little.
An excellent start at a climate change Dystopia trilogy.

And for the nerds who keep irrelevant facts in their brain, the population number of 504,000,000, while nearly identical to the Georgia Guidestones ideal number, it was a coincidence. I asked

5 stars out of 5
Book Nerd approved


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