A roaring, rumbling sexy multi-genre romance novel!

Ashwin (Gideon’s Riders, Book #1) Kindle Edition
by Kit Rocha
I received a complimentary ARC from NetGalley in exchange for review purposes
Kit Rocha has perfectly blended the new genres of the MC romance with post-apocalyptic/dystopian romance into a near perfect novel with full and complete female and male characters and tight plot.
Kora is a doctor who worked with the Base on creating Makhai soldiers, genetically and socially engineered soldiers who are trained to believe that not only can they not feeling emotions, but when they do, they are destabilizing and must go through torture to reset themselves. Kora is vehemently against this, even more so when it comes for Ashwin, the lieutenant that she deeply cares for.
Ashwin put himself through such torture to rip Kora from his mind, memory and soul, but It failed. Something he finds out when on a ‘secret mission’ to infiltrate Gideon Rios’s Section One’s elite forces – the Riders. Where Kora is the doctor, patching the men and women of Section One back together like no other can.
Ashwin finds himself swiftly back in the emotional place that Makhai soldiers call destabilization, what the rest of us call falling in love, all the while he is holding on a secret about Kora, one that can destroy the tenuous tie between them.
I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the preceding series, the O’Kane’s series, but I can’t wait to! Ms. Rocha has created such a layered world, from religion to economics to the difference between ‘Eden’ and Section One in terms of love and sex and marriage. The dialogue is well enough done that it is easy to separate who is speaking, which shows Ms. Rocha’s deep talent as well as her love for her world.
Each character, from Del, the psychic tattooist to Jaden the rider is well rounded and completed. The men talk about and do more than chase skirts and fire guns – very unusual in a post-apocalyptic/dystopian romance that focuses on military/militia behavior and the women don’t talk only about the men when alone.
The romantic scenes, because that is what they are, romance between two very inexperienced people. Kora is physically inexperienced and Ashwin is emotionally inexperienced. The passion and the love are palatable to the reader.
An excellent book and I can’t wait for the future novels of the Riders and the previous novels about the O’Kanes! Ms. Rocha is so talented that I was able to piece together sort of what happened to the world as we know it without having read the previous novels, which is highly unusual and she should be commended
This Book is Book Nerd approved.
5 shiny, roaring, rumbling stars out of 5


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