Disappointed and overly dialecticed

Tinker’s Plague Kindle Edition
by Stephen B. Pearl
Mr. Pearl is clearly familiar with the genre of Dystopia. He references the White Plague by Frank Herbert in which a man, betrayed by by his wife, spends months splicing and dicing together diseases until95% of women die. He is also clearly famili with Starhawk’s Fifth Sacred Thing, Atwood’s The Midwife’s Tale Wilson’s Whores and Many of Sherri S Tepper’s novels, as well as Herlandby Charlotte Perkins Gilman. All of these novels have in common the subjugation of woman,. Mr. Pearl clearly has a vision of Canada post melted ice caps. The wall in the other side of the Candian was no longer has 50 states, there are only 42 states. Electric companies have taken over the hydroelectric plants while the Earth First Religions have worked on biodegradable and re-usable resources. They have also worked to clean up the gene pool that was polluted by chemicals causing monsters and mutants in the Badlands where the water supply has been destroyed by frakking.
Tinkers, the tree huggers, scavengers, planters, and healers. Those who live on the city grid, or what is left of it, are still wasting resources. And then they are the Dark Landers, farmers who trade with both the Gridder and the Tinkers.
Two Dark Landers accidently open a bio-weapons lab, releasing a plague. Brad, the Tinker in the area, is forced to fight the plague with limited resources.
All hell breaks loose among the Dark Landers, or at least I think it does. Mr. Pearl goes very heavy on on the dialect. I felt as if I were reading Beowulf and had to read it aloud. There was a lot of “Youse” and “apppy”and other forced dialogue. There are also a number of scumbags, ranging from child slavers to highwaymen. Only the Tinkers and the Scholars seem to be humane.
Other than Mr. Pearl’s references to the classics, this is an un-original.
2 out of 5


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