Ditsy female, dull male and boring villain

The Wolf’s Choice (The Wolf’s Peak Saga Book 4) Kindle Edition
by Patricia Blackmoor 
I received a complimentary copy for review purposes from InstaFreebie
There is nothing like a regency werewolf novel to make me happy to have been born in the last part of the twentieth century.
Hazel is a ditsy female who lives in a Victorian England where werewolves are fully out of the closet and in fact many are either very wealthy merchants or high nobility. She has been in love since she understood what that meant with an equally ditsy, Adam, who is in fact a lord and a werewolf.
On his birthday, he declares his love, makes love to her and then disappears for nine months, returning only to take her to the Duke, Jasper, as a possible wife. Of course, this sends her into a crying tissy that only grows worse when she is harassed by the noble girls who are there for the same job interview.
Needless to say, Hazel doesn’t get the job of duchess and Adam decides to court her. There is a lot of buying of dresses and mysterious wolves stalking Hazel. There is a carriage crash and a break in, plus lots and lots of food and tea description.
3 out of 5.


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