Sexy steamy and full of love

Shared for the First Time: A Paranormal Ménage Romance Boxset Kindle Edition
by TL Reeve  (Author), Sarah Marsh  (Author), Nicole Morgan  (Author), McKinlay Thomson (Author), Maia Dylan  (Author), Liz Adams (Author), & 3 more
An anthology of series starters charged with sensuality and hotness that end almost exclusively with cliffhangers. My favorite novella was … all of them. But if forced to pick, I would pick Wrapped in Stripes. The baby of the family, the youngest and only daughter, Heidi has her own bodyguards in her older brothers. And her father, the Alpha doesn’t make her love life any better. Her best friend gets her a birthday present, a trip on a shifters only kinky cruise. Where she finds her mates … or does she.
Then there is Contraband. Paislee has no memory, none. Only the last few months and no one can tell her why. The only people she knows and can remember are the wolf pack, male shifters who have taken her for their mate. The five shifters are struggling to prevent a war while Paislee struggles to remember who she is and where she came from. Contraband has the steepest cliffhanger and I can only hope that it becomes a series.
For an HEA, Arctic Spirit is the one for you. Twin brother, shifters who have grown tired waiting for their fated fate and miss the woman they are both in love with, send for her. She leaves Florida for an island in Alaska. To their shock, wonder and utter joy, the woman they love is their mate. But there is someone who wants them away from her. All in all, it is a wonderful love story that includes and ancient dragon. While it is does have an HEA, I want more of the dragon!
There are more stories, lots of steam and lots of love stories. And more than one or two kinks.
5 kinky stars out of 5.


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