My Favorite Lisa Lace Novel So Far

Ayrie: An Auxem Novel Paperback – April 13, 2017
by Lisa Lace
I received a complimentary ARC for review purposes
There are two kinds of heroes I adore, the broken hero and the stoic hero. Lisa Lace has given us her best version of both in Ayrie.
Ayrie is the second book in the Auxem series which is an offshoot of TerraMates.
The Auxem are a dying race, all the their died from a disease and they have been searching the galaxy for a race that will allow their women to bond with and bear their children. And time is running out, the disease that killed their women, is slowly sterilizing the men. Soon, they will not be able to produce children at all.
And have a secret, one that they must keep in fear that humans will not mate with them.
Elle needs off the planet, badly. So she uses her friendship with Ashlyn, the daughter of the creator of TerraMates to get on the list and on the ship. But she too has a secret. She has no intention in bonding with any of the men. She doesn’t trust men, she has been hurt too many times, physically and emotionally.
Ayrie feels the same way, he as lost too many women in his life, he just can’t give himself to another, so they marry with understanding they will never, ever bond. Sex is out, sleeping in the same room is out.
Like all great romances, from Jane Eyre to your average soap opera, this one begins with them hating each other. He argues with her, she is snarky. Their plan to never bond seems to be going along well. Until they crash land on Vandwa (one of the first planets we have visited in TerraMates).
They spend time on a deserted island that has a tree house and a beautiful beach. But, the longer they are there, the sicker and weaker Elle seems to become and Ayrie has no choice but to reveal his race’s secret.
After their time on their own personal Fantasy Island, Elle discovers that a partial marriage is less than she deserves and she plans to divorce Ayrie and work on Vandwa as a mechanic until she has enough funds to go and do what she wants.
Neither Ayrie nor Elle can see what everyone else can see, they are desperately in love. The question is, will they discover it in time?
The writing is tight, the lovemaking – including the foreplay – is beautifully done The time on the island is everyone’s dream vacation. Where the previous book, Auxem, take place on the ship, we are on a beautiful planet with particularly nasty predators. The plot is well laid out well, with the characters changing and growing naturally. There is also a great deal of humor.
5 shiny, winged stars out of 5 – I’d give it more if I could. This is by far my favorite of her TerraMates/Auxem novels


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