Shortened from something longer?

A Vampire’s Passion: A Romance In Central City, Novella Three Kindle Edition
by Jordan K Rose
I received a complimentary copy for review purposes.
About 57% of the way through, I had to stop and ask myself, is this supposed to be funny or sexy, because it isn’t balancing both very well. I was and am deeply confused. Is this supposed to be a vingnette in which we explore two characters swift attraction to each other, a novella with a minor plot or a link story that brings orther parts together with info dumps.
The first confusing and odd thing is the lead female character. For those who have read my reveiws, you are familiar with the term I blatantly stole from a book about Black Widow, the CFC,the complete female character. Not a strong woman, hell you can can have a single level strong woman, I am talking about a woman who has a completeness to who, be it a frothy otherness that appears at times wise and a others flight as hell. Or the Alpha/A Type /color Red female who is all drive because of her own failures that slowly slip out into the story. Rachel doesn’t even scrore above the froth on the Wonder Woman/Black Widow complete female character scale. She is a ball passed about by the male character’s to keep the story going.
And what is is the story? Is this past job between 2 and 4 where we catch up on the evil scientists and the good magical vampires? Because it certainly doesn’t involve covering exactly what the struggle is, who Hank is/was, why Brandt has a male meltdown over a woman he has seen once or twice.
The singular love scene is short and disappointing. The plot? What plot? This feels as if it were a couple of chapters grabbed out of a much longer work and slammed on to kindle for money’s sake.
2 out of 5 stars


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