A hero reminscent of my father and Han Solo

Anders: An Auxem Novel Paperback – April 30, 2017
by Lisa Lace (Author)
I received a complimentary copy for review purposes.

Recieving a Lisa Lace Novel, especially an ARC, is a little like waking up on Christmas and realizing every present is just for you.

In Anders, within the first few pages of Anders’s own narration, I had him pegged as somewhere between a less roguish Han Solo and a my father, a WWII/Vietnam/Korea and Cold War lead flight crew bombadier. Why my father? The twice he fell out of he sky, both time landing in farms with lots of lonely farmer’s daughters. Yeah, my dad was a scoundrel.

The Auxem novels are spin-offs of the Mail-Order-Bride series, TerraMates. A quick backstory, all Auxem females have died because of a virus, leaving men who can only bond with one female for life searching the galaxy for women to breed and love. And they are running out of time. The virus will eventually wipe out the male’s fertility – eventually being a matter of months. TerraMates’s owner’s hope on start providing women not knowing that the Auxem have a secret, one that might keep human women from bearing the babies that are so desperately needed to keep the race going.

Anders is the middle child of the five Royal sons in charge of this project as their Dad has gone a little whacko and cruel. He is the wild eye pilot, the one who always falls for the woman he can’t have.

Their relationship extends past the bedroom as as co-pilots, it is nice to see the alpha-male working in tandem with anyone, particulaly, his chosen mate. The push and pull that occurs in the Class 4 ship gave an sense of equality between the characters we have rarely seen in romance novels and if there were an award for, I would put this continuing scene up for best male/female interaction without sex. Also, Gwen is as likely and often does save Anders from himself as much as he saves her.

The equality makes his take control moments in the bedroom, changing closet or whereever he can find, that much sexier, as she is not subordinate to him anywhere else.

It is also nice that we are seeing an integretion of her novels as we see in my personal favorite series, Sherrilynn Kenyon’s the League:The Rise of Nemisis. Because of this, while not necessary, one should probably kick in the full bid for a boxed set and follow them the way her ARC readers have.

Overall, Anders is her best built book. My only complaint is how short her books are becoming. The more interesting the character, the more interesing the conflict, the shorter the actualy book. Which is why the bringing together of characters from her most recent novels is nice but should allow for longer adventures and longer romance. Ms. Lace clearly has a lot of talent that needs to be unleashed soon!

4 and 7/8th’s shining flyng stars for character that remind me of my father and Han Solo, Leia and Sauscony from Catherine Asaro’s Ruby Dynasty. Rounded up, that’s a 5 out of 5.



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