Can’t wait for more!

Divergent Bloodline Kindle Edition
by T J Shaw 
I received a review copy via NetGalley for review purposes

DB is more than your average PNR or UF. TJ Shaw has created a fascinating new vampire type, world and great female character who is as powerful if not more than her hero!

I discovered Shaw from an ARC and instantly fell in love with Viviane in a way haven’t fallen in years. Honestly, not since I picked up my first Rachel Harris novel. Yes,Viviane is that great! She is strong, holds her or overcomes situations that the hero is having trouble handling. Her past is tragic but the fact she has grown so far beyond it. Her passion for justice is only rivaled by her love for Julian, the Immortal (please, vampires are so passe’!)King, the ancient leader of the failing vampire clans and her mate.

Shaw has an amazing touch at all important PNR/UF/ACTION novels. She gets the emotions down, to the point you begin screaming at the book that NO! THAT CAN’T HAPPEN! Or begging the characters to do something. She masters that. The action, wow, ending battle! Just wow! Well done, madam, well done. And of course the steamy scenes, or eroticism. Oh, yeah!

This book is a fantastic trip into what I hope is a continuing series (Wilson, anyone? I’m much about Team Wilson) and a world to play in.

5 sexy immortal stars out of 5


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