Ka-thunk ending and poorly realized characters

The Reader (The Immortal Series Book 1) Kindle Edition
by MK Harkins
I received a complimentary copy via NetGalley for review purposes

I mostly enjoyed this book until the ka-thunk ending. Twice we were hit with gotcha moments and then a switch of narrator as a clumsy wrap-up? No, really, 97-98% of the way through, Ms. Harkins just switched narrators with no warning, no prelude and no explanation. At the same time she cut out the entire payoff/climax with no falling action of any kind, just sort of an epilougue but an entirely different person.

This was deeply confusing and I had to keep paging back, to see if I missed something. This is the sign of either limited wordcount from a publisher, a profoundly untalented editor or a writer who just didn’t put in the effort to give the pay off.

Also, in the beginning, Archer and Devon come of physically as around 17 or 18, then we are told the “boys” are in their mid-twenties, physically. Emotionally, they appear to be in their late teens as does the narrator (of the first 96-97%), Ann, behaves like a late teen herself, her behavoir never fully explained and there is no pay off to her amnesia being wiped. We are just left to flounder and wonder about that experience.

The story isn’t all that original either, it is the fare of many paranormal romances as are the stock, immature characters. I won’t spoil it by explaining why this is a problem, considering several plot points.

I can’t, personally, recommend a read, as the actual reader (in this case me) never gets the payoff they should.

As such, where I would normally pop a 4 or a 5 stars, I can only give it 3.


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