Hot enough to melt your heart and your kindle

His Human Rebel: An Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Masters Book 4) Kindle Edition
by Renee Rose
I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Renee Rose is my secret indulgence. I tend to be the D in the D/s but Ms. Rose has such a talent for showing us both sides of the relationship, of the love affair, you can’t help but turn page after page. Of course it doesn’t hurt that her writing is enough to melt your kindle and make you sweat bullets.

While I have only read the first of the Zandian stories, I was able to jump right in to the 4th without much background. Cambry, the female lead, is a strong warrior woman, not willing to trust anyone because of her past. This is laid out so well in the start of the story as is the instant draw that her hero Lundric feels for her.

The struggle of the beings – because there are more than Zandians and Humans in the pod – to fight for their freedom is also well laid out. We understand their urge to regain their freedom and their homeland.

As I said the love scenes and the naughty bits are hot enough, your e-reader will melt, not only from the sexiness but from the passion and love between the two.

The tension that builds as they both want to declare their love, to marry/mate but are too afraid of rejection is like the ultimate slingshot.

This is the third book I’ve had the pleasure of reading and my husband has had the pleasure of having me read, and I can only say they get better each time.

5 shiny blue stars out of 5


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