Sweet unique story with classical undertones

Sacrificed to the Sea Lord (Lords of Atlantis Book 2) Kindle Edition
by Starla Night 
I received an ARC in return for honest review.

Starla Night’s second Atlantis offering reminds me of walking and playing the tidal pools on the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound. Everywhere there is something new and surprising.

Whether it is a heroine who is a strong as she is unsure or the warriors who are unsure how to protect their newfound queen, Night does not fail to delight.

Again, rather than falling into the trap of the ‘dark’ romance that seems to be rapidly taking over the field, she maintains a sweetness to all her characters while making the dangers, from a goblin shark (which I had to google!) to outside warriors to hidebound old men trying to keep things the way they never were.

The story is, of course, in the vein of most lifemate/soulmate/fated mate. However the difference lies in the constant indecision and worry both characters have. It is, also, forgive the pun, a fish out of water as Elyssa, the classic Rom Com klutz is chosen by the new King of the ruined-soon-to-be-restored city of Atlantis, Kadir. Kadir’s character has a certain Arthurian undertone which I loved. So desperate to change the status quo of most mer-culture, he is building his own kingdom with a ragtag group of misfits and venomous viper in the mix.

But if you look past the common themes that are the life and breath of paranormal romance, there is a deeper story of growth and change to be seen without the need for the dark, super kinky scenes that have been birthed by 50 Shades. Again, as with the first novel in the series this is a story sweet enough for new adult readers and well written enough for the hardened PNR readers alike.

4 starfish out of 5


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