Viking fun with Thor’s grandson

Trygger is one of the last descendants of Thor, Viking God of Thunder. After Loki arranges Thor’s death, the Goddess of Love, Freya, places Thor’s power of Thunder and Lightning into Trygger and sets him on a quest. He must kill and return the Fallen Ones to her Fields, then she will revive Thor, return his powers and after a thousand years of serving his Goddess, he will be allowed to die and live wit Freya and the other guys.
Unfortunately, of the two hundred escapees, the final five are the most devious and evil. And to make matters worse, Freya saddles him with a relatively untrained, overly compassionate female and her magical dog.
The plot is fun but Trygger has a horrible tendency toward misogyny that I hope clears up in the future. He also has a bad case of the hornies that needs to assuage in the gnarly of places.
All in all, there is enough humor and enough diversity of characters, from Eurosexuals to demons that can’t quite accept who they are, the faults are overcome with humor
Four out of five


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