a great disappointment

The Shimmering Kindle Edition
by Susan Kearney
I received a complimentary copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
A mess of violently pink cotton candy that would give Gloria Steinem and Rachel Maddow `sweating nightmares. A talented journalist, ~Sandra interviews a `scientist who claims he can release human conscience from their bodies and allow them to travel interdimensionally and through time.

And that is precisely what investigative reporter does, by switching bodies with someone llightyears away and doesn’t do it in 12 parsec`s. (Kessel Run? Star Wars)
As the story goes along, Sandra realizes that ` she isn’t as independent as she thought and beginning rely on her rescuer who happens to be the prince. (of course) With all the changes in her mind and heart, `she begins to wonder if she is truly t a modern woman.
That is a all a bit disturbing as` it takes women back about 80 years. Beyond that, the writing it clunky. The dialogue injection used in order for the diffed ten `species is `so played out. If there is an anti-Katniss contest ~Sandra would win hands down, her excuse that ‘her people need her’ is weak. All in all, this` feels as if the Duggar`s wrote this in order to justify beginning fat, happy and with no ambition to do otherwise
I was bitterly disappointed. The Archetypal princes` in a land far away, once upon a time

This book is not Book Nerd Approved

2 our of 5 `]stars


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