Out of this world adventure and love story

Cover Fire (Valiant Knox) Kindle Edition
by Jess Anastasi
Jess Anastasi is a romance world. Jess has created a world within a world on the Valiant Knox, which only make since it is the outer space version of an aircraft carrier. There are shops, bars, restaurants and arcades. A mini-city to keep the `service people sane while drifting through the blackness of space.
She has also given us mind blowing characters. Cowboy quick draw, master fighter pilot, Sebastian volunteers to take the devastatingly beautiful CI Agent Jenna planet side And he begins to regret every minute.
She is the opposite of his type,plastic looking and deceitful. So when does he go crashing back to the planet when he hears `she is dead. And why does he try to help her? Could it be the betrayal he faced from his own b`st friend or could it be the growing attraction between them or could it be his innate distrust of the CI?
Or could it be all of the above?
Ms Anastasi has a wonderful way with creating characters voices and narration. Sebastian seems to be a blend of Han Solo and Tom Cruise. He can’t take anything seriously because if he does he will lose it. Jenna, on the other hand, is a tough, strong woman ready for her death because there is a mole in her organization out to kill her. Their love-story is `so authentic, that love-hate story that appears on every soap opera everywhere It is a blast
Red herrings lay everywhere, keeping you off the track of the real bad guy(`s?) Wild rides on space ships and a touch of motion `sickness keep the laughter rolling.
A combo of Star Wars and Top Gun, Cover Fire is definitely Book Nerd Approved

5 stars out of 5


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